A favorite Scrivener feature


Since everyone’s been posting stories about how they use Scrivener (the world’s most awesome writing software), I figured I would join in the fun and post one thing about one of its best features. So there I am, writing along, when I make up a new … [Continue reading]

Men need to


(ETA: I have no idea why the template formatting is so screwed up on this entry. Possibly because I had to re-edit the pictures and then re-upload. It's making me crazy.) I ran across a fabulous AdWeek story today, about the UN Women campaign using … [Continue reading]

Breaking Bad thoughts, on the eve of the finale

I'm going to sign off the Internet tomorrow morning, because I don't want to risk being spoiled on the finale of "Breaking Bad" before I've had a chance to watch it. Yes, me! The Queen of Spoilers doesn't want to be spoiled before she can finally … [Continue reading]