Ice cream flavors

Sophia informs me: “My favorite ice cream flavors are chocolate and Tweety.”

Took me a little while to remember that the ice cream truck at the park sells “Tweety” ice creams.


  1. Crissy says

    Deos ne1 knwo where i can buy mooney’s ice cream the flavor is Michigan Black Bear.I live in Macomb Michigan and The only place I found it was Saginaw and Rose City!

  2. kathy says

    Speaking of lost ice cream flavors…

    Stroh’s made the best orange-pineapple ice cream. I can’t understand how this flavor was discontinued.

    Anyone know of any ice cream maker making orange pineapple ice cream in the lower Michigan area?

  3. Tracey says

    Please help! I have been looking for an ice cream that I had probably over 10 years ago. It was Kroger Brand and consisted of vanilla ice cream with cake in it. Kroger is no longer in St. Louis, MO, but whenever I travel and there is a Kroger I stop in to check. No Luck. Please help with name or if and where I can purchase. Thank you!

  4. belinda says

    I just did a search for blue moon ice cream and found your comments. We were surprised to find Blue Moon ice cream at the
    “8th Street Video on 9th Street” in Duluth, MN. My son loves it, we thought it could only get it at the MN State Fair. Now that we have found it, we make it a regular treat. For my son’s 13th birthday party he wants blue moon ice cream. The proprietor’s agreed to order us a couple 3-gallon cartons (made by Kemp’s) It’s my job to make a cake to match. Pineapple, froot-loops, fruity pebbles? Who knows what we’ll end up with, but thanks for the caht and helping me to figure it out!

  5. crystal says

    This is so funny, this post has been going for over two years.

    I worked in an ice cream store(s) in Frankenmuth, Michigan…we carried mooney’s/stroh’s and saunders for a while…

    I agree that Blue Moon is slightly fruity, like a fruit loops is very distinct. When I worked at the shop, I believe the Superman container said that the three flavors were lemon (yellow), fruit punch (pink), and i can’t remember what the blue was…maybe vanilla or something. But Frankenmuth is a good place to go..they have several ice cream shops in town w/ many many different flavors. I am suprised people are having such a hard time finding certain flavors. I live in Saginaw, Michigan and I know the Mooney’s store on State St. It would make sense that MOONey’s first introduced the name of Blue MOON. I really like coffee flavored ice creams

  6. cm says

    bear hug is a deep dark chocolate ice cream with chocolate covered cashews. it is as close to godiva chocolate as ice cream could be. Yummmm!

  7. richard says

    Regarding Blue Moon Ice Cream… It was available at the Park Dairy Ice Cream Parlor in Ludington, Michigan in 1950, though I am not certain that it was actually called Park Dairy back then. I believe that it went through a name change or two, but it is now called the House of Flavors and I can tell you that the House of Flavors in Traverse City, MI used to carry it. I am headed to Ludington, MI in the morning and intend to return with a $30 3-gallon container of this delightful blue colored lemon chiffon ice cream.

    I hope that this “information” will be of some help to those of you craving the blue moon as sold in Ludington, MI for nearly 60 years.

  8. David Hammond says

    There was an ice cream place in eastern Pa. called
    “The Gursey Cow” that sold Blue Moon ice cream a little over 30 years ago. We moved south about then and I haven’t seen it since.

  9. Amanda says

    For whom ever was looking for Superman ice cream in a box so they could have it whenever they wanted you can find it at the Meijer’s in Okemos.
    I have lived on the west coast all of my life and never even knew these heavenly flavors exsisted until I met my boyfriend (who happens to be from Holt, MI). Recently we took a trip to Michigan to visit his family and while visiting Mackinac Island we had some because he insisted I try it. WOW I have really been missing out. Upon our return we looked frantically for something that at least resembled it and guess what we found it the real thing at Fry’s Food and Drug in Phoenix, AZ. You have to buy it in the big round tub but it is definatly worth it.

  10. Shiara Kazikal says

    There’s some of this in Scottsdale? Awesome. I’m heading there this weekend then, maybe, to try some.

  11. Marlina de Aragon says

    Krogers sells a 3 gal tub of Old Fashioned Superman. I get it at FoodsCo, a Krogers family store. Go to the Krogers site and see what the name of the chain in your area is, they may carry it. I just discovered this stuff at a kids party and HAD to search all over for a carrier in the SF Bay Area, I found one in da hood in Richmond. It is yummy! I don’t know if it is anything like the original stuff from Michigan, but I think its tasty!!

  12. Marlina de Aragon says

    I see there is a store brand Birthday Cake flavor Ice Cream at Safeway/PacNSave in CA. It is vanilla with cake and blue frosting mixed in. Haven’t tried it yet, but it looks good.

  13. renee says

    I just came upon this site loking for blu moon ice cream. I have found it funny but maddening that so many peopl love this flavor and yet nobody will ship it. Well only to MI customers. I am sure that if soem company would offer it elsewhere thay would be surprised to find how much money people would pay to get this. I am from MI like most of these people and now live in CT. nobody here has ever heard of it but I tell them that they need to go to MI for a taste. It is by far the best flavor anyone will ever have. There are so many people asking for palces to get it in other states but not any sites i go to will ship it to these states. SO if anyone can give a site that will ship outside the MI area is what I need. Blue moon rules !!!!!!

  14. Meagan says

    I have been on the search for sugar free Blue Moon. If anyone has any idea where I can get some, please help me. My husband and I just found out that he is diabetic and I’d like to get him something special that he doesn’t have to worry about his sugar levels while eating it. PLEASE HELP!

  15. caitlin says

    hey everyone…when i was really little, i had this ice cream that was pastel and rainbow colored. It wasn’t just red, blue and yellow (so it is definately not superman). there were other colors as well. i remember it tasting like vanilla and marshmallow ice cream. i found out that ‘Harmonie’ makes (or made) this rainbow ice cream, but I have no idea where to get it. does ANYONE know where to get it?? it doesnt nessesarily have to be Harmonie…just rainbow ice cream.

    thanx so much!!!

  16. Penny says

    It has been a very long time since I have had the pleasure of eating Blue Moon ice cream, but I also grew up in Michigan and Dad would take us to the Richardson Dairy on M59 in White Lake I believe. Anyway it was certainly my favorite, it had fruit pieces in it, not sure about pineapple it could have been a cantalope or honeydew melon in it. But all in all it was a wonderful treat. Now if I could find it near the Tampa Bay or Clearwater area I would be ever so glad.

  17. Grant says

    Jewel Food stores in Illinois once carried a flavor of ice cream called chicago brick It was like neopolitan ice cream. one third orange shebert, one third vanilla and one third maple. I have had it before and it was called anothe name. Do you have any idea as to what I am asking about. Grant.

  18. Pooh says

    For those of you who live in Ohio…There is a place in Canton, Ohio called Patrick’s on Cleveland Ave & 12th St….They have Blue Moon, the only problem is that they are only open seasonal….April through Oct…I live in Phoenix, AZ now and can’t find it anywhere but I am going to check out Auntie Em’s and see how it is there….For the guy in California who wants to buy Superman for his girl try Fry’s…

  19. joe says

    I was wondering if anyone new a phone number and a website to call and order blue moon ice cream.I am from Michigan and moved to Oklahoma for a while and i miss the blue moon ice cream. Thanks

  20. Angie says

    I have been looking for an old ice cream sandwhich that i have not had since i was a kid, they were called Creamy Burgers. If anyone knows how i can locate this childhood memory please let me know i would greatly appreciate it.

  21. Siouxie says

    I have been craving orange-pineapple ice cream but
    cannot find it anywhere. When I was a kid we got it
    from Altamont Dairy, Adirondack Park area of Northern New York. My grandmothers house was in Wilmington and they delivered there. Anybody seen the real stuff? Orange color with pineapple and a little orange peel.

  22. Tara Davenport says

    I NEED BLUE MOON ICE CREAM!! It is all I can think about! When i was 4-13 my grandpa and I used to walk down from his Insurance office on Court St. In saginaw to get a double dip of Blue Moon ice cream at Mooney’s Cash and Carry. It’s my all time FAVORITE.. Nothing else compares!! I need it to be mailed to me in California! ASAP! I want to taste it! I have such wonderful memories walking to get ice cream with my beloved grandpa white. Maybe he was your insuracne man or your families??
    Tara Port Hueneme, CA 93041

  23. House says

    As a kid growing up in Lorain, Ohio my favorite ice cream flavor was Superman. After going 14 years without it i stumbled across it at a ice cream shop in Akron while attending a wedding. (Note to self: Do not eat Superman ice cream while wearing a dress shirt with no change of clothes.I spilled some on my shirt between the wedding and the reception.I tried to say it was lip stick. But everyone asked if I was making out with a clown.)Anyways I went several more years without it until yesterday.I found it at a new all you can eat chinese resturant in Amherst. After close inspection it was easy to see it was three differant flavors. Three flavors combined as one.The flavors are strawberry,banana, and blue moon.

  24. char says

    This is the mosat hilarious site I’ve EVER been on!!!
    I was born and raised in Warren, MI. (of course).
    It seems that you would have to be from the region to ever have even heard of Blue Moon.
    I’ve been looking for it for years myself here in VB, VA. No such luck!
    Never heard of it with pineapple thats for sure ; just remember it’s the BEST damn ice cream flavor I’ve ever had!!!
    If ya know where to find some this far south, let me know!!
    Char B

  25. sandy says

    WHere can I find Kemp’s low carb ice cream online and elsewhere? Or any low carb ice cream online?

  26. Suzanne says

    I happened across this site when looking up Saunders ice cream. Just want to thank all of you for the many tips as to where to find Saunders hot fudge. I’m from Detroit, but moved away many years ago, but I remember Saunders ice cream, it was the best. I also remember the store at the mall in Livonia. Reading the entries on this site brought back numerous happy memories for me. Thank you.

  27. Mandie says

    My husband use to love this fruity type of icecream that bryers made, but they quit making it. We recently went to vagas and he found “superman” icecream, he says that it is pretty close to the same. We live in oregon snd can not find it anywhere, so i have been looking on line, and wanted to let all you know that has not only superman but blue moon and bubble gum, as well. And the best part is that they deliver.

  28. Jex says

    I was looking on the ‘net for a site that would tell me what flavor was in the Superman ice cream I just ate and found THIS crazy thread.

    The Tummy Ache candy store on Johnson in Bay City, Michigan sells both Superman and Blue Moon. I bet if you ask really nicely, they’ll give you the name of their supplier. ^,^

    I must live in a very privilidged state to have two rare ice creams in abundance.

  29. will kill for just one smurf cone says

    does anyone know anything about the smurf cones (blueberry soft serve) from huckleberry dairy at King’s Island

    i will kill for them, and well i dont want to have to resort to that.. just yet

  30. saRe says

    I sell the ice cream Blue Moon at my families Candy Store in Ohio! come visit us we make it right in the store! Sugarcreek Ohio, Swiss village Chocolates…

  31. CC says

    Has anyone seen Chicago Brick ice cream lately? Deans used to make it but I can’t find it anywhere. It was vanilla, orange sherbert and carmel.

    Also, has anyone seen Haagen Daaz Sorbet and Cream. They used to make one with key lime and orange..they were both great.

  32. Lily says

    Does Anyone know who makes Bubblegum icecream in the carton that you can buy in the store? I Looooove it sooo much and have bought it in the store before, but can’t seem to find it anywhere this summer :o(

  33. says

    The REAL SUPERMAN ice cream is a Ashby’s Sterling ice cream…from Michigan. You can find it in a little place called “Superman on 66” in Carterville, Missouri. (southwest, Missouri) Right there on old Route 66. Cute place that serves 12 different kinds of Ashby’s Sterling
    Ice Cream including the original SUPERMAN which the Yellow is LEMON, Red is STRAWBERRY and Blue is BUBBLEGUM. Great tasting ice cream. This is also a SUPERMAN museum. Hope this helps!

  34. V.C. says

    I read that someone found Superman ice cream in Vegas!!! Where’s it at?!? The closest I’ve found it is Salt Lake City…I’m dying to have some, thanks!

  35. Eric says

    Ah, Chicago Brick. United Dairy Farmers in Cincinnati had it in the sixties. I thought it sounded interesting, but my mother said I wouldn’t like it and refused to buy it for me. Years later, I saw freezer case labels for Dean’s Foods Chicago Brick (in Chicago), but the Dean’s representative said they no longer made it. He said it was half vanilla and half orange sherbet with a caramel swirl–not maple, and not three flavors like Neapolitan. Speaking of Neapolitan–I think that was a trademark, but I don’t remember whose. I think Sealtest sold a Neapolitan lookalike with the unispiring name of “Van-Choc-Straw”.

  36. Daisy says

    I would love to find a recipe for making blue moon or Smurf ice cream! They both are too die for. anyone have any good recipes to share that would work in a home ice cream maker?? Thanks all!

  37. Billye Graham says

    My father brought me some hand packed french cherry pecan ice creamsome 35 years ago from a small ice shop in Okemos, Michigan. They have subsequently moved to some place in the Ann Arbor, lower Michigan Region. I don’t remember the name of the shoppe. If anyone knows where this shop is or where I can get this ice cream I would be eternally grateful. Obviously after 35 years it has made an indelibe impression! Thanks

  38. Reanna says

    I work for Whitey’s Icecream out of the Quad Cities ( iowa, Illinios), an we have smurf icecream, which is comparable to blue moon. Smurf is a citrus flavored ic w/marshmellows, it taste like fruitloops. Wwe also carry bubblegum. And that no sugar added moose tracks you are looking for, we have that too! If you are not in the Q.C. area you can order it online to be shipped to you, just go to our website

  39. Linda says

    I am looking for an ice cream I only saw a couple years ago in the San Diego area. They only came in pints, the container had purple kind of big swirls on it and the only had about 4 flavors. The one I’m looking for was black rasberry ice cream with black rasberry swirl and dark chocolate chunks. If someone can tell me the brand I can look for it. Thanks

  40. mandi says

    i can buy this when i go to cleveland to see my fiance on the weekends and have eaten it since i was 4 “superman” is vanillz, blueberry, and tutie fruity

  41. Alan says

    I just had some superman ice cream yesterday at Sedutto Ice Cream at the South Streeet Seaport in New York City (Manhattan). I introduced my friend to it as well, and she was amazed. My girlfriend did say she tasted a little lemon in it, so the claim above about lemon, cherry, and blue moon makes sense. I just wish there were more places that carry this amazing concoction!

  42. Dana says

    The mystery flavor? Almond. I have my Aunt and Uncle’s ice cream shop recipe.
    If you live in Wisconsin, try the Blue Moon at the ice cream store in Sturgeon Bay. It is exceptional.

  43. Scott says

    Can anyone remember the name of the ice cream parlour on 28th Street in Grand Rapids Michigan that had huge ice cream sundaes and such in the 1970’s?

  44. ice cream shitter says

    Dad’s ice cream in indpls has Superman,Blue moon Banna pudding all these rare ice creams are distributed by Ashby’s Sterling in Chicago.