The Contract of Wifely Expectations

You can view one guy’s idea of how things should work between the missus and him at the Smoking Gun. It has to be read to be believed.

I’m not sure which is more bizarre: that someone not only thought this up but sat down, wrote it, and then handed it to his wife to sign (evidently she didn’t), or that he managed to get someone to marry him in the first place.


  1. says

    As absurd as this contract is, the real shocker is this sort of contract is very common in the BDSM community. You should see what willing “slaves” have to sign before being accepted into a BDSM “family”. Humanity… freaks you out when you take a close look.

  2. Nina says

    Well, if you’re signing a slave contract for a BDSM family, then you *are* signing up to be a slave – that’s the point. That’s not so shocking so long as it’s voluntary. This guy’s freakish rules are more horrifying than any BDSM contract because he sees the rules as normal things that just go along with being a wife.

  3. Tim C says

    On one hand I did like the idea of everyone openly discussing their wants and needs. Everyone has to admit that if if this was a about a “Contract of Husbandly Duties” it would be considered enlightened instead of chauvanistic.

    On the other hand this guy just goes too far and offers nothing in return. What is the woman getting out of this demeaning relationship? This sounds more like a “Contract of Sex Slave Duties”. Also I felt that the man’s attitude about sex was very unhealthy. I got the impression that he thought women hated sex. If he has to write up a contract for his wife to have sex with him it tells me he is either ignoring his wife’s sexual or emotional needs.

  4. says

    The obsession with sex — and the demand that she be ready for sex every goddamn second she’d not needed with the kids — really appalled me.

    What always hits me when I see things like this is: This is what we hear about. Stuff like this must go on all the time — maybe not written down, but orders verbally given. Which is…

  5. nunaurbiznes says

    Iv read that contract before and without reading it again I got the distinct impression that the auther is/was a sadist.
    All I gained from the contract was the insistance in absolute submission to be punished for any reason what so evewr at the drop of a hat.

    In any healthy relationship , even in a bdsm situation, this contract could be seen as an agreement to partner abuse and a licence to domestic abuse.

    Voluntary slavery is not all about punishment, It is about agreeing to submit and be submissive. Not to be abused. Even the best “mster” knows that to get the best out of their “slave” is to look out for them and look after them. In that way they get the most out of them.

    Would you let any guy treat his dog like that? Dou think that any animal would agree to a contract like that voluntarily if they could understand it? Any person who would seriously agree to such a contract would possibly be a victim ans suffering from Stockholm syndrome.